June 21, 2014



The ground beneath you is unstable, threatening to collapse beneath you, but you have NO fear because you know that it NEEDS to for you to rise to the NEXT level of your life. Your eyes are OPEN to see the outstretched hands above you, knowing now that there ARE those who care and WANT to see you move FORWARD in your life, who want to walk WITH you through life, not because they want something from you, but because they SEE you and “get it”. They get WHO you are and understand where you have been, knowing where you are GOING, desiring to be a part of the NEW life that God is opening up and creating for you to step into.

You need no one to tell you what you want, because you suddenly REALIZED it, waking one morning to find that everything had CHANGED, that little voice in your soul whispering truths you had until now tried to deny to yourself, thinking that if you ignored them, they would go away and be less real, but now, knowing that they are NOT, nor wanting them to disappear, READY to allow them opportunity to GROW and FLOURISH in your life, the one you are stepping INTO.

You know now that you are NOT alone. You know now your HEART. You know now what you SEEK in your future. You know now that you are READY. This is YOUR time, to take a chance on something you would never have risked for before, to give yourself more room to GROW and OPEN your soul to the wonders He has waiting for you. There is no better time than NOW. LISTEN to that inner voice, ACCEPT and reach for those outstretched hands, and LET yourself live life the way you were always INTENDED to.

© Rosie Chee