April 6, 2014



Sometimes we need to have discussions with others because they may ask questions we do not consider, view aspects we do not realize as “important”, seeing us and the world through “fresh” eyes and a change in perspective. I had a conversation a few days ago that caused reflection; a question asked that made me sit back and think because I had never considered it before. Why is it that we can “not” do certain things when they seem so simple? What is “preventing” us from doing it? What is “blocking” the “flow” of action and ease of interaction with not just others [at times] but also with ourselves?

What IS it that is holding you BACK [no matter the area of your life]? You might need to search deep to find the answers; it might be uncomfortable and difficult and there could be inner turmoil as you struggle with your demons in the darkness and depths that have to be ventured into, but when you find those answers life will become much EASIER. You need to be OPEN to what you find, understanding that the answers may not be what you thought; perhaps an issue you never even realized was an issue or something long thought resolved. Whatever it is, you need to “see” and KNOW it with your ESSENCE.

To do that you have to uncover whatever it is that is holding you back, do more than “discover” it, because that is just the first step of the process; you need to not just “see” it but UNDERSTAND it and truly KNOW in and with everything that you are, because only when you do that can you ultimately RELEASE it. When you release and “let go” of it you can then “speak” far MORE than words. When you speak “knowledge” from your CORE and not just from your mind, you are one step CLOSER to being able to walk and live the life you want [and need].

You OWE it to yourself to take that step; to stop and reflect and ask yourself the “hard” questions you might not have wanted to ask or not known until now to ask; to search BELOW the surface of what “appears” to be to what truly IS; to understand and get to know yourself on a level you might have never known before. When you are in true alignment with your soul you need not doubt, but simply act, because everything else becomes simpler; life becomes simpler, because you know what you need to do and have NO hesitation or unconscious inhibitions in doing it.

© 2014 Rosie Chee