March 18, 2014



Sleep eludes, but sometimes in the quiet solitude of darkness there comes truth in our soul. Softly creeping, almost as if not to reopen emotion and wounds desperately trying to be healed, even as the soul tears are crying out to Him to give a new heart. Truth whispers and reminds to boldly chase your dreams, refusing to let another hold power over the heart that acts upon the desires embedded there since forever, because those dreams mean everything and hope is the only thread holding this soul to the world. Let not your unique soul slip away, but reveal and speak itself with daring and such passion that others cannot help but hear the heart hidden, knowing and understanding even the words unspoken. Allow such freedom of soul and self that random is expected, not always knowing what will come even as instinct might, tentatively holding open a fragile cocoon encased with ice and hardness because it still has faith and wants to believe that even if it hurts again, it has to be better than what was. The truth whispers as you've always been, wanting more, asking more, expecting more, knowing what beauty and light have been seen and can be again, strength more than can be imagined but not always needing to be proved, allowing self to simply be. Soul whispers be yourself, simply unapologetically, perfectly imperfect, uniquely beautiful, crazy wonderful, you as you are.

© 2014 Rosie Chee