March 20, 2014



Life is a “destiny”. It is a DECIDED future, albeit not one that we yet know with certainty will be as we will or wish or desire. It is set in motion by the DREAMS deep in our soul that we let “lead” our actions in the here and now. For the here and now is all we have that is certain, and what we have that is certain we must be certain to use to ensure that what we might have is as likely as possible, no matter how improbable or inconceivable it might be in the present time to “see” or understand.

LOVE dreams. And love is the most irrational of all creatures and countenances of our heart. Yet love also shows us the “true” nature of our dreams and reveals the passion of our character, as it uncovers all that we are willing to do, even if we do not yet consciously know it, in the pursuit of the dreams lodged so deep within our souls that they MUST become a reality in some time and space, whether manifested by us as the result of determined discipline and persistent hard work or as such unfathomable means.

Life is for LIVING. Living is LOVING, for loving “creates” us through its experiences, every single one, either ultimate happiness or deepest heartache. When we are HONEST with ourselves and can look our heart deep in its essence we can begin to understand the truth of who we are and how we live and what we can be, the potential that lies within our soul, the strength that keeps us together and the boldness just waiting to be let out.

Love DEEPLY. For when we can allow our soul to love we are more open to the reality of a future created by DREAMS. When we give ourselves permission to be “human” we learn to tap into the DIVINE within us and begin to walk boldly through the present, paving the way towards a future that is but one possibility but was always meant to be. When we live our TRUTH and refuse to allow ourselves to be compromised we begin to “become” far more than we might ever have dreamed of being.

© 2014 Rosie Chee