June 20, 2013



There is NEVER a time when you do NOT have the power to CHANGE your life: The direction you’re going in, the people in it, the dreams headed towards. EVERY passing minute is an OPPORTUNITY for you to make decisions that will alter the course of your destiny in a way you might never have imagined. Every decision could turn your life AROUND in a way you could never have foreseen and be something that gives you the ultimate experience of your life.

There is never a time when YOU do not have the POWER to change YOUR life. All it requires in BELIEF in yourself: That yes you ARE in control, that your soul instinctively knows best the path to take when you come to a crossroads, that when you’re not sure faith too is powerful beyond belief. Belief and TRUST in something far greater than you: He is ALWAYS there, and even if it might seem sometimes we stumble, it is not for the hurt that we do, but the lesson in preventing the fall, or picking ourselves back up if we fall.

There is never a TIME when YOU do not have the power to change your LIFE: If you stumble, correct your motion as best you can to create the least damage possible; if you fall, get back up as quickly as you can; if you injure yourself in the fall, realize that you do not have to do everything alone and sometimes being strong means admitting you need help. There are people in your life who will never walk away, who would pick you up and carry you if they had to; never forget that.

YOU always have the POWER to CHANGE your life! You ALWAYS have the power to TURN it all AROUND! OPEN your eyes; see through your SOUL; CONNECT with your world. It is ALL there: Everything you need, everyone you need, within and without. Stay TRUE to your soul; KEEP the faith; hold tight to His PROMISES. Know that in the end everything will be all right; you will arrive where you are supposed to, no matter how long or far to get there; it is a truly life-changing journey to BECOMING.

© 2013 Rosie Chee