June 22, 2013



Sometimes silence speaks LOUDER than any words will ever be able to. It conveys far more EMOTION than anything said could ever evoke. It implies a LIFETIME when nothing else can. It lends itself to UNDERSTANDING when there IS nothing to say. It creates an environment of ACCEPTANCE when it seems like there is no one else and nothing else that will fill the void of the words that one cannot bring themselves to think or speak.

STRENGTH comes from silence. WISDOM exudes from the souls of those broken but still able to love. Caution tarries in the wings LIFTED around those in the silence. It is a place few can go and few want to. A place where the weary and wise souls of the world sit in contemplation and meditation considering all aspects of TIME and what they mean to the ones in the experience. In silence is found the ANSWERS to the questions pervading the minds of man.

Sit STILL when words will only cause empty echoes in your world. Be CALM when words will only ripple through your soul with effects that bring pain. Breathe DEEP when words will only sound as thunder in your heart and cause distraction from your true purpose in life. Allow SILENCE when words will only create confusion and sink slowly into the depths of it as you seek the wisdom to “purify” your soul from that which afflicts you.

Sometimes silence speaks louder than any WORDS will ever be able to. It gives your mind space to THINK. It gives your heart FREEDOM to roam. It gives your soul WINGS to fly and soar above the world you find yourself cocooned in, so that you can see the path that will take you to your dreams. It gives time for REJUVENATION for the journey that you will undertake and “speaks” to your essence UNDERSTANDING that words will never have power to do.

© 2013 Rosie Chee