June 10, 2013



A soul on FIRE can CHANGE the world. At least the one it is IN; the world of those AROUND it. It can make such a DIFFERENCE that the lives of all it touches will NEVER be the same ever again.

A soul on fire is POWERFUL. It can draw other souls to it like a magnet; moths to the flame that burns BRIGHT in the darkness. The VISION of that soul can INSPIRE more in the hearts of the souls warmed by its light.

A SOUL on fire canNOT be ignored. It cannot be cast aside and dismissed; muted down into the depths of the darkness. Even in the midst of intense opposition and force such a voice will be HEARD and followed.

A soul on fire creates a raging INFERNO that blazes in the souls following. It ignites PASSION hiding and lying dormant in souls that have been waiting for something to set them ALIGHT. Such an inferno SPREADS, like ripples on a pool or waves in the ocean, reaching FURTHER than one could ever imagine.  

A soul on fire is a WEAPON. So be careful WHAT you do; the influence you exert. For you never know who will be affected, or how it will leave them. Since…

A soul on fire can IMPACT not just the sphere it exists in, but the WORLD in its entirety, as the ripples of effect touch the hearts and lives of souls it might never ever meet, but whom, through its words and actions and vision are profoundly affected. To live dreams or nightmares and in turn touching OTHERS.

© 2013 Rosie Chee