June 12, 2013



Life is lived like a sailor on the ocean – unpredictable and turbulent, one minute as calm as anything, the sky as clear as glass, the ocean as smooth as silk, and the next, dark clouds are whirling above, the water whipping around you like an angry serpent. Not all storms last long, but some seem to last “forever”. Sometimes the storm just wants to see how we respond; whether we truly WANT to be out on that ocean.

Storms rage not just on the ocean, but withIN the depths of the soul. Often the physical storm exacerbates the maelstrom inside, creating such a fury that everything is a cacophony of confusion and destruction. The storm inside sometimes has more power than the circumstances we find ourselves in, being tossed like a toy on the ocean at the mercy of the elements nothing compared to the decision that challenges the essence of our being.

Sometimes the storm set upon calms without any help from us, and sometimes when we calm our SOUL, the storm subsides, or at least becomes more manageable. But there ARE times when it’s not about “calming” the storm – we need to get out IN it. We have to discover our courage and determination to see what we are truly MADE of.

It’s not until we let go of any fear or trepidation and jump OUT of the vessel INTO the raging ocean, because risking the turbulent waters is far better than letting them dictate our course, and try to SWIM towards where we know we are supposed to be going, that we LEARN and “become”. If we always stay in the “safety” of the vessel that carries us across the ocean we will never really understand what it is to want something more than life itself, to know how deep our desire for the life we want IS

Sometimes it’s about US getting out there and battling the elements, because if we don’t, our lives will “drift” in a direction we do not want or intend. Sometimes we have to SWIM to see how far we are willing to go to ensure the reality of our dreams; it is truly in the storms of life that we either “make or break” our soul and destiny.

© 2013 Rosie Chee