June 7, 2013



It’s been a long journey. It’s been rough. But you’ve gotten through to this point. You’re STILL here. You’ve SURVIVED.

But it’s not ENOUGH. It’s NOT enough to have survived. It’s not ACCEPTABLE to still allow others some power in your life. This is YOUR life. YOURS!

So take BACK all the power. Take back any “control”. Say “No, no more will I allow you to affect my emotions, thoughts, and feelings; no more will I allow what you do affect the way I live my life; no more will I allow myself to be “abused”, because my life is my own”.

Be STRONG in your conviction. STAND your ground. It might not be easy. But it WILL be worth it. For the “freedom” that it gives you. For the sanity that it holds.

This is YOUR life. YOU have the power at any point to decide what you will allow to happen. You are the one that DECIDES. Choose to “reset” your life today. For GOOD.

© 2013 Rosie Chee