June 30, 2013



Your life is NOT yet over. There is STILL air in your lungs, even if sometimes they feel like someone has crushed them beneath the weight of the world. There is still hope in your heart, even if sometimes it feels as if you’re clinging to it by the MEREST of slivers. There is still faith in your soul, even if sometimes you wonder why and ask yourself what you are holding on FOR.

There is still LIFE in your life, even if sometimes you cannot see the way or know what the next step to take is. There are multitudes of POSSIBILITIES swirling around you, just waiting for you to open your eyes to see them for what they are; to see them standing there in front of you wanting you to see them, as you want yourself to be seen.

There IS love out there for you. It might have had folded arms and guarded smiles, but it IS there; as cautious as you because it has been hurt over and over, scars it wears proudly because it still has the courage to believe that it WAS meant for this life, beauty that only another soul who sings the SAME tune can see and appreciate.

Life is FULL of infinite possibilities. Endless opportunities call YOUR name. You could walk in ANY of myriad directions. You could traverse far MORE than one ocean. YOU could live a life of untold wonder and unimagined joy. You just have to SEE it. You have to realize it and understand that it IS there for you. You have to be OPEN to it. You have to step INTO it.

Taking that FIRST step is always the hardest. Walking AWAY from what you know for what you don’t is always apprehensive. Opening up your heart and soul again for something new is always a RISK. But all the risk in the world is WORTH it, because without it, you would never truly know what it is like to be blessed, to live happiness, to experience peace, to grow and evolve, and to REALLY live.

© 2013 Rosie Chee