June 1, 2013



Change can be a scary thing. It can also be an exhirilating feeling. It can open up your life to amazing opportunities never offered it before. It can take you into the UNknown.

The unknown can cause a sense of FEAR. Fear of what is to come and what it will mean; of failing expectation placed on you by yourself and others; of falling too far down that you might not be able to pick yourself back up. Fear is a natural response to change, but you do not have to let it control you or the decisions you face and make.

Change is a big thing. It can mean many things to different people, but more often than not, it means walking down ANOTHER path than the one you were traveling on. It means trusting in your instinct, in your soul and heart and dreams, having faith in something greater than yourself that this new path is one that will only enrich your life in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Change means GROWTH. Without opening yourself up to it you do not give your soul a chance to grow and “evolve”, and if you always stay where you are, your life will become stagnant and stale, and then you are no longer living but merely existing, which is no life at all. Change brings new life into your own; new people who spark something in you that might never have been sparked by anyone else; new dreams to embrace and build upon; second chances to live the way you always wanted to and be the person you were always meant to be.

Change, whilst initially “scary”, is nothing but wonderful, especially when you reflect and see the path you have trodden, what has brought you to this place and the life that awaits; beautiful because He has gifted you with such opportunity to grow into the butterfly you have potential within yourself to be, and soar to heights of GREATNESS.

© 2013 Rosie Chee