June 13, 2013



There are many voices in the world, but for very voice there is an echo. There are followers, people who simply repeat the words of someone else because they have nothing original of their own to say. DON’T be one of those people. Be one of the VOICES. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand alone if you have to against the crowd of the “norm”. Stand by your word and do not let the naysayers and disbelievers sway you from your conviction.

Being a voice can often be a lonely path. You are the one CREATING the path. You are the one braving the first steps into the unknown. You are the one risking your life going over the edge of the cliff first. You are the one who is assaulted first. ACCEPT it. EMBRACE it. Even though it might be daunting, there is SATISFACTION in walking in a different direction than the crowd. CHANGE is created when an individual breaks away from what is known and sets off in another pursuit.

The greatest pioneers of this world were once voices that spoke out against what was. They were voices that talked of dreams and visions and the “impossible”. They dared believe in something other than what they were told to believe in. They traversed UNexplored paths and discovered amazing destinations. They “recreated” the world and changed lives in ways that could not be imagined in their time, but that we could not imagine being withOUT in the now.

Do not be afraid to let the world hear YOUR voice. Do not be afraid to dance to your OWN song. Do not be afraid to walk AWAY from the crowd and find your own path. Do not be afraid to be an INDIVIDUAL. You never know the DIFFERENCE you might make, the ripples of effect of change that your words and actions could bring. LISTEN to the inner voice in your soul and let it OUT into the world, so that it hears too. BE the voice that shouts in the mountains, not the echo reverberating back at you. BE the change!  

© 2013 Rosie Chee