June 14, 2013



Sometimes there is a dream in your heart that you are NOT aware of. Sometimes it takes a special someone or something to MAKE you aware of it. And once you ARE aware, you can never become UNaware.

Sometimes the dreams we THINK we want are not the dreams we truly want at all. They’re not the dreams that make our soul sing or our hearts dance or our eyes light up. Sometimes the dreams that breathe life into us are the dreams we never even knew we had until we realize just what has HAPPENED.

Sometimes the dreams that become our reality are the dreams we always secretly desired but never allowed ourselves the freedom to even think of. Sometimes THOSE dreams are the ones that come true because they are the REAL dreams of our soul.

Sometimes the dreams you never knew you had are the most IMPORTANT ones of all. They TEACH you about yourself in a way nothing else can. They bring forth discoveries of the soul in your connection with another that might never ever have come to pass. They give you ANOTHER chance at life.

The life you are living – is it what you always imagined your life would be like? Is it the life you confessed to dreaming about? Is it the life that makes you happy and look forward to waking to every day? You might never even stop to think about it until something happens to give you pause. NOW is the time.

Now is the time to take a step back and truly LOOK at your life. SEE it for what it really is. See the people in it for who they really are and what they MEAN in it – some of them it might have been mere chance that they are even there, but now you cannot imagine your life withOUT them in it.

Look INSIDE your soul. Search the DEEPEST crevices. What dreams are hiding there that you have not let see light? What do you hide even from YOURSELF? What does your soul want more than anything else in the world? Sometimes it’s the dreams sparked in a magical moment that become EVERYTHING.

© 2013 Rosie Chee