June 23, 2013



It doesn’t take much – a smile, a hug, a few words of encouragement – to make a difference. You never know just what they might do, how significant such a small gesture might be to a soul in pain or struggling. Sometimes one small act of kindness, conscious or not, can change the course of another’s life – change their perspective, the words going over in their mind that they tell themselves, and in turn, their beliefs about themselves that from their actions stem.

We are not alone in this world. We are surrounded by billions of other souls, none any less significant or less precious than our own. We might never know the majority of them, never come into contact with multitudes, but we can also never UNDERestimate the effect we can make, even on those we will never physically meet – the words they read online or in print, the images they see that imprint into their psyche, the way everything comes together to form their reality of themselves.

No matter WHO you are - your “status” in life through power and position, the experiences that shaped you and created the person you are today – you can make a difference in someone ELSE’S life. All of us can. Just by opening our eyes to our hearts and understanding that even if one smiles does not mean there is not pain in their soul, because one laughs does not mean that the sound of tears does not echo louder inside them, when one extends a helping hand does not mean that they know how to deal with what is going on in their own life.

By realizing this, we can start to see how one small act of kindness every day can help not only others, but also OURSELVES. When you are in pain and give a smile you do not feel because you cannot bear to see another in pain can slowly warm your heart. Laughing with another even when you want to cry can slowly ease the burden of your tears. Extending a hand to help another in need can slowly give a glow that spreads through your soul, knowing that everything in time and for a purpose.

By changing something we might not even think we changed, we CAN make a difference. Making a difference in the life of another can ripple effect into the lives of those we do not even know, spread further than we could ever fathom, and start a chain reaction that changes more than we might possibly imagine. ONE small act of kindness might not change the world, but it is a START, for it starts with US, and when we change OURSELVES, we have the power to change ANYthing.

© 2013 Rosie Chee