May 1, 2013



YOU have a goal. You have a DREAM. You WANT to ACHIEVE it with ALL that you are. It is IMPORTANT. It MEANS something. It SAYS something about you.

You STARTED with a PASSION. You went HARD out of the gate. You covered the PLAINS, went OVER the mountains, found your way OUT of the trenches, and now you can see the END in SIGHT. Your pace has wavered as you journeyed, slowed since you started. But…

You are going to dig DEEP and pull EVERYTHING you have. You are going to do WHATEVER it takes. You are going to PUSH yourself until you can push no more. You are going to strive HARDER than ever. You STARTED strong. But…

You are going to end STRONGER. You are going to cross the “finish line” and have NOTHING left. You are going to be able to say you truly gave it ALL you had and held NOTHING back.

© 2013 Rosie Chee