May 2, 2013



Nothing great that was ever accomplished was done “suddenly”. It did not “happen overnight”. It was not a “random act”. It was not a “coincidence”.

EVERYTHING great that was ever accomplished was accomplished because someone had a VISION, a dream, a “goal”, and they put ACTIONS to that vision and moved TOWARDS it. They decided to TRY.

You have a dream I have a dream. We ALL have dreams. Not every dream will ever come true, because not everyone is WILLING to try. Not everyone is prepared to “take a chance”, play the risk and see what happens.

EVERY dream, no matter how “impossible” or “improbable” HAS the possibility of coming true. It might take time – days, weeks, months, years even, but it has the POTENTIAL. If it is a dream stamped with “greatness” or a dream that could inspire multitudes, its reality is INEVITABLE, but still, the FIRST step to “making it happen” is to make the decision to TRY.

© 2013 Rosie Chee