May 7, 2013



It may not feel like it. It might not look like it. It may not be something you can fathom at the time. Especially when every single tear wrenched from your soul causes immeasurable pain. But…

There is BEAUTY in your tears. In every one that falls. Inside and out. There is beauty because tears are the CLEANSING balm of the soul. They are the portal through which we REMOVE our pain and sorrow. They give us an opportunity to REFRESH our heart and wash away wounds that might otherwise fester and cause deep destruction.

Teardrops are beads of water. Small and quivering they rest upon our cheeks. Unshed they cover our eyes in a misty sheen. They REFLECT the light. And in the light the world can be seen from ANOTHER perspective. It can show us a different reality. It can bring a glimmer of HOPE. Hope for the FUTURE as our soul quietly understands that it will eventually be ok.

When the tears pass and the pain fades the world will be different. Even if it is not different. WE will be different. And our difference will lie in what is left BEHIND from the pain. In the STRENGTH harnessed from enduring such pain. In the irony that from pain comes BEAUTY. Comes POWER we might not have known we had. One step CLOSER to becoming all that we were meant to be.

© 2013 Rosie Chee