May 8, 2013



What you’re going through now – God didn’t give it to you because He knew you couldn’t handle it; He gave it to you because He knew you COULD. He would NEVER have given you something He knew was NOT in your capability to handle, if the strength you needed was not already inside you just waiting to be found and used.

Sometimes we are given struggles so that we might FIND our strength and realize that we had it all along. Sometimes those struggles are given to DEVELOP the strength dormant in us, the strength we never might have thought we had; or maybe the strength we were not sure we wanted to see. Sometimes our struggles only make us realize just WHAT we have within us.

What faces you might seem daunting. You might not be able to share it with another soul, or only one other, and it is tearing you apart – such are the tests of life, the trials that “make us” when we REFUSE to break. Know that whatever the circumstances, He KNOWS you ARE strong enough – you might just have to get down on your knees and cry out for it, trusting that He will “give” it.

When life delivers such a blow, crippling your soul so that you feel like darkness is your only escape route, wanting to run and hide from the world for a time or maybe forever, understand and take some comfort, hard as it might seem amidst the pain, that though it is not a way YOU would have chosen, you are “given” the life you lead BECAUSE you are strong ENOUGH to live it.                       

© 2013 Rosie Chee