May 6, 2013



Even in the most trialing times of your life there is something to be THANKFUL for. Despite any grief or heartache there is always something to be JOYFUL for. Though storm clouds darken your soul and rain pours there is always something BEAUTIFUL in the darkness.

Life is going to be FULL of storms, of tears, of pain, things we cannot control that devastate us, even if we can never tell another soul. Life is not about THOSE things. It is about how you OVERCOME them, how you find strength, how you can still smile even though you might want to disappear from the world. It is about the way you GIVE strength to others who are struggling, the way you encourage them and motivate them to continue trying, the inspiration just being you can impact another life.

In times of struggle and strife, remember that after EVERY storm, following the rain, behind the clouds and up near the sun, there is a RAINBOW. There is a PROMISE that everything will be ok, that life will go on and that part of your life will pass as you move into the new.        

EVERY morning you open your eyes and find yourself alive is another chance to start your life. It is a “second” opportunity to CHANGE your perspective and view the world from a different standpoint. It allows you to have one more look at the BIGGER picture and see that you were standing far too close the first time, moving backwards to take it all in and understand that certain things have to happen in order for what is to come.

When your soul knows and trusts the path you are on you can find your smile in even the HARSHEST of storms. You will be able to step OUT into the rain and open your arms and spin around, embracing the tears that will wash away the old and usher in the new. When you DANCE in the rain, even though the world storms around you, you find a different kind of “freedom”.

© 2013 Rosie Chee