April 16, 2013



TRUE strength is not always shown. It is not always KNOWN about. You may never fathom in your lifetime what another is or has gone through if you cannot SEE it or do not know about it firsthand. True STRENGTH often lies hidden in the souls of those who smile on the outside when they are crying on the inside, holding out a helping hand to the world when they can barely stand themselves, giving of themselves when they can little afford to.

Strength does not mean “power”. Strength does not mean “fame”. Strength does not mean “glory”. Often, true strength is in the silent tears dripping in one’s soul as they let the world think their life is “charmed” and everything is “perfect”, the world wishing that they could have such a life and be such a person. True strength does not NEED the world to see it, but lies in quiet throughout that individual’s struggle.

The strongest soul does NOT always desire recognition for their battles, and in due time their struggles will be known to others. When the time is “right” or they need to find that strength all over again because another is in the same or a similar place that they have been in, they will reveal their battles in order to aid that other, and in such knowledge, in the willingness to “reopen” wounds that should be left alone, you will see a true WARRIOR.

© 2013 Rosie Chee