April 21, 2013



To dream is to create another REALITY in the dimension of your mind. That dimension is a POWERFUL one, for from it the one you exist in can be CHANGED. When you dream you set in motion EVENTS that cannot help but play out. You have made a fate from choices that have ALREADY been decided in the future. For the one whose dream is real and so meaningful to them that they will live their life working to make it their LIFE. In their mind lies the POTENTIAL for a destiny of their own making. In their heart is the determination to make it happen. In their soul the seeds for the dream is planted and it cannot help but sprout and grow through the years, fueled by desire and passion, until it becomes a towering giant that has to manifest in the world.

To dream is to MAKE yourself. It is to hold the ink that WRITES the story of your life. It is to have the POWER to become and do anything that you can envision and imagine. It is to give perpetual hope and light faith in ALL who you cross paths with. Your CONVICTION in your dream will change lives. It will change others as it changes YOU. It will become an unstoppable FORCE that can only move forward in the direction that will lead to its inevitable fruition. It WILL become tangible in the world if you pursue it as voraciously as it grasps at your soul.

To dream is to BELIEVE in something greater than what you can see. It is to know without doubt that there are things this world will never understand, but that it does NOT have to understand for it to be real. It is to make a DIFFERENCE in the balance and structure of what is possible and what is not. It is to show that everything brought to life STARTS with a dream. BE A DREAMER AND DREAM YOUR DREAMS!

© 2013 Rosie Chee