April 20, 2013



Your SOUL is more discerning than you think. It picks up on subtle nuances your eyes might miss. It understands the change in the air when you do not notice anything. It “feels” the shift in another soul towards you, even if there is no visible change in them before you. There is something inside you that KNOWS when something is “wrong” and when it is “right”, carrying that feeling through to your HEART, allowing yourself to dig deeper into your psyche, look UNDER the surface of what “appears” to be the truth to what is REAL.

Your heart sees what your EYES do not. It fluctuates with the vibrations of your soul, sensing unconsciously the shifts to happen often BEFORE they occur; preparing you for the changes to come that might devastate or make your world. TRUST your soul. Sometimes your heart can lead you astray, especially when your mind analyzes the situation, but you have to realize that when your heart is led by your SOUL, you will NEVER be taken from where you should be treading,

Have FAITH in your soul, in the connection it has with your heart. Believe the silent murmurings that whisper through it and take time to still yourself into moments of silence TO hear them. Know that INSTINCT is on the side of your soul and will warn you of the dangers your eyes cannot fathom or see, LISTEN to your heart when it is in agreement with your soul. Let yourself step out in the scary unknown, making decisions that will determine your destiny, towards the dreams buried and resting there, and let them come to light to give you life.

© 2013 Rosie Chee