April 1, 2013



The way you START your day determines how the day will go. The way your day starts begins in your MIND. Your mind is controlled unconsciously by your HEART and your heart is merely the puppet on the strings of your SOUL.

If your soul is at peace with yourself and the world around you, your heart will be at ease and your mind will be calm, you welcome to the day before you, your soul opening its arms to embrace the new day of OPPORTUNITY and chance. Your soul’s smile will shine through your eyes, as bright as the sun that streams across the world in a wash of renewing light. Your mind will refresh itself of strength, preparing for the day to come, for that day shall become the start of the rest of the days of your LIFE.

A great ATTITUDE is the reflection of the state of your mind and can only exist when your soul is accepting of yourself and your circumstances, understanding your place in the world and knowing what you must do to create IMPACT. A great attitude can propel your FORWARD into destiny, through obstacles that try to deter you, because greatness brings forth life from passion and passion is UNWAVERING in the midst of negativity.

Start your day by peering into your SOUL. SEE what resides there. Give it permission to become your VOICE. Let the world HEAR that voice in the attitude you carry with you, the actions that stem from that attitude, that comes from your thoughts, that are consequences of your heart, that is your soul speaking.

© 2013 Rosie Chee