March 31, 2013




Today those thousands of years ago was a MIRACLE. The events that transpired were UNbelievable and yet they HAPPENED; it canNOT be disputed. LIFE itself is a miracle and one to be CHERISHED, valued above even the most precious of things. Life RESURRECTED, a SECOND chance at giving it another shot, is to be valued even MORE, PRICELESS beyond measure and the most AMAZING of miracles.

Rising from DEATH – shedding of the old skin of the life lived before, life breathed from within the heat of the flames of the fire, rising majestically from out of the old – is nothing to be laughed at. A SECOND chance is nothing to turn your head from. The chance to live AGAIN is the ultimate blessing.

Just as dying for the sake of another is the ultimate SACRIFICE. Yet it was KNOWINGLY done, another miracle altogether and something few would be willing to do, CHOOSING to give their life for another, let alone those they do NOT know. But HE did, and because of that, we are given a chance at SALVATION, a shot at ETERNITY

We have been given a GIFT, a miracle. We have been shown that NOTHING is impossible when you stand on the side of He who created life. We have been given the greatest miracle of all – life. We should make the MOST of it, using the life we have been given as an EXAMPLE of His glory, realistically expecting miracles, as we living, breathing proof of one.

You might not believe in miracles. How can I NOT? I have lived many, seen many, and experienced such revelation of them, that I know NOTHING cannot be UNconceived in reality. Every moment air is drawn into your lungs is a moment of OPPORTUINTY for a miracle to transpire, so always keep your soul OPEN for it.

© 2013 Rosie Chee