April 2, 2013



Life is a MOVING challenge. WithIN it are even MORE challenges. Some not so hard; others that test us to our limits. The HARDER the challenge and more desperate the struggle, when we are fighting for life itself and the stakes are the highest they can possibly go, pushing us to the edge of sanity, THAT is when there is the greatest potential for GROWTH. THAT is when we are forced to become BETTER, when we have no choice BUT to make a decision, that decision determining our future forthwith.

EVERY day we are challenged. Every day we are faced with decisions that will either cause us to lose momentum or propel us FORWARD. The harder the decision, the faster the fall if we turn backwards, but also the greater the success waiting for us if we are brave enough to CONTINUE on and through. The harder the challenge and more life-changing the decision we are forced to make, the greater the opportunity we have for taking charge of our destiny and FULFILLING our purpose.

Running from challenges will NOT serve you well, nor remove you from the eventual decision you WILL have to make. Running only shows a lack of courage and conviction, a stagnant soul who cannot even face its own shadow. That is NOT you! YOU MUST TURN AND FIGHT! You must ACCEPT the challenges as they come, for without them, you cannot become better, and your mission is to be ALL that you have potential to be. Always remember, the harder the challenge, the greater the STRENGTH you develop to face life. CHOOSE GROWTH.

© 2013 Rosie Chee