March 6, 2013

2013 | Day 64: BELIEVE



You have a DREAM. NEVER let go of it, striving for it, your soul crying out for it, your heart begging for it, your mind pondering it. Never let go of it, even when you HAVE it in your palm and can touch it, wonder at it, smile at it, love it. ANYTHING is possible if you have the heart for it, the determination to drive for it, the passion to pursue it, the courage to chase it wherever it may take you. If you want it BADLY enough, nothing is out of your reach. The stars are not too high. The moon is but a leap away. The love that your soul seeks is only a heartbeat from yours, a whisper on the wind across an ocean, a butterfly’s kiss on the petals of a rose. You have to BELIEVE in your dream, in your heart, in yourself. You have to believe that it is POSSIBLE to achieve, to reach out and touch, to make tangible the desire in your heart, the thoughts in your head that refuse to stop. You have to believe that if it rests on your heart, it IS meant to be, the sunrise another day to risk and take that chance to wish upon the morning star, the dusk an opportunity to search your soul for solutions, the nightfall the time to dream the dream you want to become your reality. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE!

© 2013 Rosie Chee