February 1, 2013




EVERY single moment in your life is SIGNIFICANT. There is SOMEthing to be learnt from EVERYthing you experience, no matter how small or large it is. Sometimes the BIGGEST life lessons we learn come from the SMALLEST things, events that we might not even recognize at the time.

Life throws things at us we are not always PREPARED for. It knocks us down when we LEAST expect it. It takes the wind from our sails just when we thought we were sailing on SMOOTH seas. It does this so that He can see how we RESPOND. He wants to see what we are made OF.

There is a LESSON in EVERY experience we go through, every PERSON we encounter on our journey of life, every time we FALL down, every time we make a MISTAKE, every time we get HURT and feel like we will break, every time we come to a crossroads and realize that we ARE only human and cannot do everything on our OWN. The lesson might be one in HUMILITY, ACCEPTANCE, GRATITUDE, or something else, but no matter WHAT it is, it is VALUABLE in our mission to become the BEST that we can possibly be.

You might not always UNDERSTAND it at the time. You might not always ACKNOWLEDGE what is happening. Just remember that EVERYthing happens for a REASON and in time, if not now, you will SEE that reason and KNOW it.

APPRECIATE life. APPRECIATE every single moment that you have on this earth. APPRECIATE every breath you take, every morning you wake to a new day and are given another chance to “get it right”. APPRECIATE those around you and the love that you have. APPRECIATE that you are special to HIM and He values you. APPRECIATE and you’d be surprised at the way your life can CHANGE.

© 2013 Rosie Chee