January 13, 2013

2013 | Day 13: BE STILL



When you allow yourself to slow down and come to a stop, calm in the stillness of your mind, you hear His voice, see His majesty, and can appreciate the beauty in the blessings of your life that you might not have seen before. Slowing does not mean halting progress. Coming to a stop does not mean going backwards or stopping forward movement. Being calm does not mean there is not cacophony elsewhere in your soul.

Stillness of mind is a rarity, but worth it, if only for a few moments. Stillness of mind provides a moment of peace, escape from the screaming of life. Stillness of mind allows you to meditate on what your heart desires and not what you have been doing. Stillness of mind allows you to recharge and refresh your soul for what is to come, making your focus that much clearer.

In the stillness we are able to hear the soft, slow whispers that escape us in the loudness of confusion of the busy lives we lead. We are able to embrace the delicate, gentle yearnings of a heart that has long denied the existence of such feelings and emotion in its soul. We are able to welcome the life we could lead if we let go of our fears, and in the stillness, we find the courage to step forward INTO the new, into our fears, into the unknown, and just let Him lead us. We are able to let our faith free, find the freedom in belief, and learn to love ourselves, so that we can live the life He meant for us to.

© 2013 Rosie Chee