January 14, 2013

2013 | Day 14: BEGIN IT



You KNOW what you want. You HAVE done it before, many times over. You have been in that place and know what it feels like. You know what to do to get there. You know that NOTHING is impossible. You know that it will be hard in starting, but it will be worth EVERY second of frustration and pain and sacrifice. You know your limits and REFUSE to accept them, determined to push them FURTHER than you ever have before. You know what it will take, not backing down from the CHALLENGE. You know that you want BETTER than what you were or ever had, and you know that you have within you whatever it will take to get it done. You know that you CAN do it. You know and once you get there, you are NEVER going to return to the place from whence you now begin. You are setting the bar HIGHER than ever before, because time stops for no one, and every day is another day gone, another chance at something GREATER, requiring you to be BETTER, setting the EXAMPLE without excuses. You know, so now it is time to DO. BEGIN again your journey to a NEW “final” destination, making sure there are NO stops or backtracks along the path this time, for there is NO time for anything but FORWARD progression and CONSTANT climbing to reach the stars.

© 2013 Rosie Chee