July 15, 2012

2012 | Day 193: Choices & Changes


Who I Am Today

Do we really know a person? Can we ever really know OURSELVES? For we are ever changing, the events and circumstances we find ourselves in, the struggles we battle through, the mountains we climb to the top, the people we find ourselves in the company of, creating an environment for change.

And yet, even as we change, no matter how subtly, we never lose the essence of ourselves, of what makes us truly unique and US. We evolve, taking some of the old into the new, discarding what we do not need and embracing that which can only be beneficial to our well-being, seeking to heal the wounds of yesterday with the hope of tomorrow and the joy of the present.

Everything we have ever experienced is a part of who we are. Every choice we have ever made has led us to this place. Everything we have ever held inside is a part of us. As humans we are multi-faceted, beautiful in our complexity, wondrous in our individuality. Just because it is not seen does not mean that it is not THERE.

I am BETTER than I was yesterday. I have learnt from my yesterdays and are growing into my tomorrows as I experience my present. I am BECOMING. A never-ending process of being tempered by the fires of life, so that at the end of everything I can look back and see how FAR I have come, every choice, every decision, having moulded this rough stone into a sparkling jewel, so translucent that light can shine through it, the light within reaching out into the darkness to touch and shine through the hearts of other jewels that have been just as tempered into beauty.

Quote for Reflection:



Run 3 miles

Stretch 20 min



Sleep: All over the place.

Energy: Was still exhausted when went to work yesterday, but "woke up" during my shift, and afterwards, not going to bed until close to 0500 this morning, waking on and off, having no energy on "final" waking.

Joints: Left wrist was feeling it yesterday.

Quality of Training: 3-mile run yesterday was ok, but feeling it in my lower legs - definitely got to lose all the additional body mass.

Body Composition: Now at 10% bodyfat - the second time I have been above 9.5% bodyfat in 1.5-2 years, so not pleased, very ashamed of and disappointed in myself. Feeling it and seeing it. Anything over ~8.3% bodyfat and my body doesn't feel like my own, so have to get it back down to STAY down ASAP. Getting back into a routine will be a start.



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