May 30, 2012

2012 | Day 148: ALIVE and BLESSED!


Take a Chance!

Quote for Reflection: “♥ RESULTS and EXCUSES are "MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE"...YOU DECIDE ♥ Which ONE are you going to CHOOSE? Well, that depends on whether you like to “WIN” or to “LOSE”! When it comes to ACHIEVEMENT, or lack thereof, are you going to come up with an EXPLANATION or be the next great SENSATION? ♥ You can EITHER come up with a “SONG AND DANCE” OR you can decide once-and-for-all to TAKE A CHANCE! Step out of your “COVER-UP” and put on your “makeup”...tear up your "COVER STORY'S" page and take “center stage!” ♥ Do not come up with a “MAKESHIFT reason” as to why you are going to “sit out” this SEASON, but “MAKE the SHIFT” to “suit up” in FULL GEAR while you are HERE!! While a “DEFENSE” can win a GAME, if you create one for the “game” of LIFE, you are the only one to BLAME! There is absolutely no “JIVE” as to why you do not STRIVE to make the very most of being ALIVE! ♥ Remember, there is absolutely no COMPATIBILITY between "ALIBI" and "ABILITY", nor are there any "GROUNDS" as to why your GOALS do not “GROW in leaps and BOUNDS”! ♥ You have EVERY good "REASON" as to WHY you should TRY to REACH FOR every STAR in the “SKY"...there is just no RATIONALIZATION for STAGNATION ♥ If you want to be SUCCESSFUL at your life "CALLING", you must first quit your "STALLING"!...ACCOMPLISHMENT cannot CO-EXIST with "COP-OUTS"♥” - Lauren Christine Frahn


HIIT Skip:
a. 4 min skipping
b. 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy
c. 4 min skipping

Abs (1 min recovery between quadsets):
QuadSet -
1. Hanging Straight-Leg Raises (feet to touch bar) 3 x 15, 12, 12
2. Ab Rollout 3 x 15
3. Inverted Knee Curls (on pull-up bar) 3 x 5, 3, 1
4. Pikes (on floor) 3 x 15

Stretch 20 min


Sleep: I actually started getting pretty tired last night and went to bed just before 2330. Slept heavy last night, exhausted, waking to take a call at 0607, but going straight back to bed afterwards, not waking until close to 0930, giving me 8-9 hours of sleep, which is a lot for me, but must have been needed. Woke feeling every minute of yesterday's photoshoot in my back and legs, LOL

Mood: I feel like I'm floating! So happy and light and I can't stop smiling

Energy: My body feels like a bomb hit it, but there's energy there.

Quality of Training: Yesterday was the equivalent of a training session all in itself, so didn't do a lot today, making training "lighter" to give my body a chance to recover before it gets hammered again tomorrow. Only HIIT needed to be done today anyways, so did that, albeit short, and skipping, not sprinting, finishing off with a little bit for abs. Inverted Knee Curls are something I have never done before (which you can tell) and boy were they a killer - struggled with them, my arms feeling them more than anything - but definitely something I'm going to start including in my training.

Body Composition: 8% bodyfat - so -0.8% bodyfat over the last week (I was actually 8.8% last time I noted this, not 8.3% - did not realize I had not input the right calculation in my spreadsheet for that column until recently), which is pretty decent, especially for having only "dieted" the last three days before my photoshoot. Not the 7.8% bodyfat (or less) I was aiming for re my photoshoot, with girths also a little bigger than I wanted - I definitely have more muscle mass than the last time I was 8% bodyfat, looking better overall, and although a little surprising to myself, I am completely ok with it, especially given the circumstances of the last few days.

Supplements: I finished the last of my Erase on Monday and had the last dose of my Erase Pro this morning.

Other Notes: I am so very Blessed...Yesterday was like a dream, and in Dom's first dress (a couple of images already up on my Facebook timeline), I truly DID feel like a fairy-tale princess. MAGIC is the only word that even comes close to describing what yesterday was, and even that is INadequate. I could not have asked for a better birthday, and it is a day I will forever remember and hold dear...I have changed more in the last few months than I ever have, growing and learning to finally accept myself, embracing fully everything that I am, knowing that I am becoming the woman God intended me to be. It's taken a long time - 28 years to be precise, but I am THERE, and I am grateful for it. I am thankful for YOU, who really "started" me coming to this place. I am thankful to the wonderful friends I have made along the way and the amazing people in my life right now. I am letting go of the things that I have let hold me back for so long, and as I release things (and people) from my life, God is "replacing" them with precious gifts that truly overwhelm me. Life is Beautiful and I can SEE the Beauty. I can let myself relax and ENJOY it, taking pleasure in my life as it continues to unfold. My soul is SMILING