May 18, 2012

2012 | Day 139: 10 Days to a Miracle


Hope for Tomorrow

There is ALWAYS a light in the darkness. It might not be big, but it’s there. It’s called HOPE. A tiny flicker or flame, it simmers, smoulders, flares in its own time, in every heart, hidden or visible.

Today might be hell, but there’s always TOMORROW. Always a new chance for something BETTER, life to look up, the help we seek to come find us, our screams to be heard.

The sun shines no matter what, alone in the universe. The stars glimmer even if clouds cover the sky. Someone sees the moon even if you do not or cannot, on the other side of the world.

There is ALWAYS HOPE FOR TOMORROW and what it can bring. We have to believe it, have SOMEthing to hold onto, to keep us to this world. If you have nothing else, let it be that. HOPE.

Quote for Reflection:


Skip x 300 revolutions

Upper Body (30 sec recovery between trisets/quadsets):
TriSet A -
1. Supinated Lat Pull-Down 3 x 10
2. Push-Ups (feet on bench, hands on fists on floor) 3 x 10
3. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
QuadSet A -
4. Rear Flyes 3 x 10
5. Plate Hammer Raises (each hand with their own plate) 3 x 10
6. Alternate Single-Arm Plate Lateral Raises 3 x 20
7. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
TriSet B -
8. DB Hammer Bicep Curls 3 x 10
9. Rope Tricep Push-Downs 3 x 10
10. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
QuadSet B -
11. Weighted DB Crunches (on bench, knees at 90 degrees) 3 x 10
12. Reverse Curls (on bench) 3 x 10
13. Pikes (on bench) 3 x 20
14. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions

Skip x 600 revolutions

Stretch 20 min


Sleep: Disturbed. Broken. Put on a movie to take my mind off things and hoping it would be mindless. I couldn't stay asleep, what sleep there was, painful.

Energy: About as dead as I feel.

Joints: Left wrist very painful, but bearing it. Right anterior delt hurting deep in the joint, but forcing everything.

Quality of Training: Not the best at all. Adapting too, as can be seen (likely the rest of this week as well). Was going to be a Full-Body session today, but still not feeling ok after yesterday, making an effort to do SOMEthing (and not just say "fcuk it!" and walk out of the gym as I felt like doing). Getting upset during training, which didn't help either, finishing in a bad place.

Other Notes: I thought life was about to "settle" down a little after getting back from Florida; that I would have a chance to relax some and focus on getting ready for my shoot end of May - unfortunately, life had other plans and has been as all-over-the-place as ever. Not the best of things, as I fall between extremes...I have 10 days until I shoot with Jerry and Tony - up to now has NOT happened as planned or desired, so the next 10 days MUST BE PRECISE AND ON TRACK! 10 days to work a MIRACLE!!!