May 13, 2012

2012 | Day 134: You can't run away from love...


The Greatness of a Man

“Greatness” can mean many things to different people. Not everyone is going to see it the same way as another and there will always be a difference of opinion. There are however, two things that truly contribute to how “great” an individual is: Character and impact.

Everyone is flawed, but just because one is flawed does not mean that they are not of high character. A person’s character is multi-faceted, but deep at the core of their soul is the root of their values. If that root is not founded on INTERGITY, then one cannot truly be great, for everything they do is going to be based on something questionable, and when one’s integrity is called into question, so is trust.

When trust is an issue, the impact is not always going to be positive, and can cause more harm than good.

“Great” people are many things, but their very existence ALWAYS has a POSITIVE impact on other peoples’ lives, whether intentional or not. A “great” person always strives to create an atmosphere of positivity, motivating others to have belief and faith in themselves, inspiring them to bigger and better things, so that their lives are as complete and as full as possible.

“Great” people are not always at the forefront of society, but they WILL be recognized within society for what they do, whether that recognition comes from a single individual or thousands.

“Great” people do not necessarily set out to be great. They just are or become great because of the integrity of their character and the positive impact that they have on others’ lives for the better.

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Sleep: Didn't go to sleep until close to 0300, waking just before 0800.

Energy: I feel like I've been up FOREVER, quietly on the go since I woke up, managing to get a lot done today. Starting to fade a little now though.

Mood: My heart bleeds and my mind hurts for those I know are in that place I was not so long ago, and I wish I could do something to take away that pain, because no one should EVER have to feel like that...But I have been blessed with a small smile for something thought lost not being lost after all...

Joints: Left wrist has been aching since training yesterday, so much so at times that I have almost strapped it up a few times (and still might for a day or so).

Other Notes: My version of Lyle MacDonald's "diet" back in action for the next two weeks, and this time I AM going to be 100% sticking to it, so let's see what "magic" I can make happen, especially being back on track with training and able to "settle" in for them without disruption as well. I want to be the leanest and in the best aesthetic condition EVER IN MY LIFE at the end of those two weeks!!!