April 30, 2012

2012 | Day 121: I'd trade my soul for a wish...I wasn't looking for this...


"It's not about how much you can get out of life, but about how much you can GIVE TO it!" - Rosie Chee

For the complete Motivational, review What You GIVE TO Life | Rosie's MuscleRevolution.


a. 4 min jogging
b. 28 x 20 sec sprint/10 sec easy
c. 2 x 50 sec sprint/10 sec easy
d. 4 min jogging

Shoulders/Hamstrings (1 min recovery between sets):
1. Behind-the-neck BB Military Press 6 x 15, 12, 10, 8, 8, 8
2. BB Military Press 6 x 8
3. Single-Arm Plate Lateral Raises 6 x 12, 12, 12, 10, 10, 8 per arm
4. Stiff-Legged BB Deadlifts (BB to touch ground) 6 x 10

Post-Weights Cardio:
Rollers 20 min in 39x18 @ 118-120 rpm

Stretch 20 min

Yesterday was BAD: Day OFF training, only just over half a galleon of water drunk, and close to 1,000 grams of carbohydrates consumed (yes, I completely let go yesterday - although half of that was from clean sources)! No wonder I woke feeling like crap today, my face looking like a puffer fish, highly uncomfortable with the additional 10-pound weight gain (although, yes, I know, food and water weight - doesn't make me feel any different though). Anyways...Took me a little bit to get myself together for training. Headed out for my run, surprised that my knees weren't hurting from all the extra weight, but not surprised that I felt more energetic than I did last week. Did more sprints than usual, with two longer ones at the end...Took my Assault on returning, getting myself ready for the weights. Downstairs to the basement. It was a sudden decision to make this week a "deload" week after I had finished my first set of Behind-the-neck BB Military Presses, but I made it - given that it's been ~3 weeks since my last deload, and I have four weeks until my next photoshoot/s, it's the perfect time to have one this week. No skipping after shoulders' exercises today, single sets only. Slight twinges in right delt from the second set of Behind-the-neck BB Military Presses. Left wrist aching a little during BB Military Presses, but nothing unmanageable. Left delt/bi tendon in agony from the third set of Single-Arm Plate Lateral Raises - hence the lower reps from that set on. Huge pump in delts and arms though. Fine during Stiff-Legged BB Deadlifts...Enjoyed being able to sit on my rollers, even though legs felt heavy and thick (not just feeling either - look it too - from all the water retention after yesterday). Spinning and the hurt in my quads did not start until almost a third of the way in, but pushing through it...Glad to be able to stretch...I was SO thirsty this morning that I guzzled almost a galleon of water during resistance training and post-weights cardio alone...



Started using Erase Pro again today (didn't use it last week). Started back on Assault again as well (none used last week). First official day of Abliderate Advanced too.