April 29, 2012

2012 | Day 120: ...see the flames burn bright...


"♥ It is not by chance that those who “PROVIDE” the most to others “COINCIDE” with the most “GRATIFIED” people on the planet ♥ There is a direct “parallel” between the BLESSINGS that you GIVE and the “BLISSFULNESS” that you LIVE. By always "OPENING DOORS" for others to live the BEST lives that they CAN, your “THRESHOLD” for THRILL increases again and again! ♥ Simply, the more that you DO to bring another “GLEE”, the HAPPIER it is that YOU will be! You will never “HOLD BACK” your own “EXUBERANCE” when you manage to “UNLEASH” another's JUBILANCE! ♥ Adding “PEP” to another's “step” will “ELEVATE” you to "WALK ON AIR"…In causing another to feel #1, Y-O-U will float "ON CLOUD #9"! ♥" - Lauren Christine Frahn




So, adapted my training this week based on how my body was feeling and what was going on - not doing the post-weights cardio of 20 minutes on Wednesday or Friday, and making today a day off (since I haven't had one this week) - which turned out ok, and probably helped me get my body composition down by giving my body more recovery time (since I DID push it pretty hard this week, Monday through Wednesday especially).


Body Composition

7.8% bodyfat - a loss of 0.7% bodyfat over 10 days (although really -0.5% bodyfat in 8 days, because I was 8% bodyfat Thursday and Friday). I hit my goal body composition for this week (so the three days re Monday to Wednesday of "helter-skelter of hellacious training...an entire week's worth of training crammed into THREE days, with those days also using EXTREME dieting" - with a "cheat" meal after shooting with Walt on Thursday night - certainly worked)! Also 2.6 pounds HEAVIER than I was last time I was this body composition (November/December 2011), so I definitely have more lean mass, muscle in my delts and arms, and a little more in my lower body (GRRRR to that). My girths are now back to being SYMMETRICAL re both arms and legs, so that is another pleasing factor. Now I just have to MAINTAIN this body composition and get even leanER - it will be slow from here on out no doubt, but I am determined to progress and not step backwards (although fluctuating between this, lower, and 8% bodyfat will be ok), improving from here on out in EVERY way!!!

Florida & Photoshoots & Fun

After all the upsets of the week prior, and my life being turned upside down multiple times in the several months before that, this last week went rather well. BETTER than well - it didn't happen for Thursday (8% bodyfat was close enough though), but by Saturday I was the body composition I wanted (and looked the best I ever have re leanness, definition and vascularity), my body in a condition I was "happy" with (but want to and will improve on); and all my photoshoots went great, with the best shots ever being taken at the end of each one (some real stunning ones - among the top shots I have ever taken); and having the week I have needed for so long away from everything to clear my head and get some new perspective and focus. It was a truly awesome week, spent with some amazing and inspiring people, and I have come away from it with fresh determination, ready to give everything I have to making my dreams REALITY!

For the Month of May

I have the honour of shooting with Tony Mitchell again AND Jerry Beck for Iron Asylum at the end of May - coinciding with my birthday, which shall mean another few days of fun-filled work, smiles and laughter, relaxing and enjoying the company of more amazing and inspiring people! Today is a last chance to chill out and relax before starting back into heavy training tomorrow in preparation for this shoot - I plan on and WILL be the leanest I have EVER been for it, in the BEST shape of my life to date! Very excited...And because he is also awesome, I have the privilege of being the first to use Matt Pearson's latest version of Abliderate Advanced - something he kindly "created" for me based on my needs (THANK YOU, MATT!) so I'll be able to see how that goes...