April 24, 2012

2012 | Day 115: Do the little things in life stay with your soul?


"..life evolves into whatever you want to create....life is simple...work hard...people will always knock you down....and then mother nature does at the same time...the difference...everyone gets knocked down...its how you react to it that matters...you can't control mother nature or the public...but you do have total control of your independent actions...life is a journey.." - David Black

For the complete Motivational, review The Journey of Life | Rosie's MuscleRevolution.


Session 1

Run 3 miles

Skip x 300 revolutions

Full-Body (30 sec recovery between quadsets):
QuadSet A -
1. Neutral Grip Seated Row (each hand with individual handle) 3 x 15
2. Side-to-side DB Push-Ups (feet on floor, hands on DB) 3 x 10
3. Stiff-Legged DB Deadlifts (on bench, reaching down 3 inches with the DB) 3 x 10
4. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
QuadSet B -
5. Rear Flyes 3 x 10
6. Plate Hammer Raises 3 x 10
7. Single-Arm DB Lateral Raises 3 x 10 per side
8. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
QuadSet C -
9. DB Bicep Curls 3 x 21s
10. DB Hammer Curls 3 x 10
11. Alternate DB Hammer Bicep Curls 3 x 10 per side
12. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions
QuadSet D -
13. Rope Crunches 3 x 15
14. Reverse Curls (on bench) 3 x 10
15. Pikes (on bench) 3 x 15
16. Skip 3 x 100 revolutions

Post-Weights Cardio:
Recline Bike 20 min @ 108-112 rpm

Stretch 22 min

More than a little shattered on waking this morning, but nothing my body has not been through before...7.2 pounds lost from yesterday first thing to this morning, making my run a little easier on my knees, albeit legs feeling dead and slow. It was ok, just a prelude to the weights...Then to the gym ready for a monster session. QuadSet A was good - few modifications to allow for the equipment and what was available, but fine. For the first set of QuadSet B, did Single-Arm DB Lateral Raises first (Rear Flye machine - yes, the only one I use - was occupied) - definition through anterior and lateral delts was good. Rear Flyes felt more than a bit weird because of the machine (different to what I am used to), but they were done. Skipping was a little slower, feeling myself tiring (no Assault pre-training today either). Pump strong and painful during QuadSet C - left wrist also aching on the second set, forcing a gritting of teeth to complete each exercise. Finished off with a killer QuadSet D - feeling abs burning today...Felt and looked half-past dead at the end of my weights, but sat myself down on the Recline Bike to "finish" off this training session. Not able to spin fast (definitely prefer my bike!), feeling it in my quads. Finding it difficult to breathe for a large part of it, ending in a dripping, gasping mess...

Session 2

Run 3 miles

Did NOT feel like doing this at all - tempted to just sit on my rollers for 20 minutes, but running does better for me when it comes closer to times like this. But felt so exhausted wasn't even sure how much good it would be. Regardless, went out and did it anyway, in the dark, the way I like it, and was relieved when it was done.