August 11, 2017


In a world that is determined to try and make you into something that you are not, DON’T let it! FIGHT back because after all, you are YOU, and along with your character your IDENTITY is all you truly have. Don’t let yourself be dissolved into the mass of society, just another puppet walking in tune to the ringmaster’s mandolin. DANCE to your OWN tune. RUN when the rest of the world walks. LAUGH at the very blessing of being ALIVE.

Be YOURSELF in a world that tries to take that away from you! Hold TIGHT to your principles, staying TRUE to your core values and beliefs. Don’t let the world tell you that you’re wrong for thinking the way you do just because it is DIFFERENT from what it finds acceptable. CHALLENGE authority, for it was the world who instituted it. EMBRACE the outcasts, for they are very likely like you, scorned by the world because they REFUSE to conform to ideals in opposition to who they are.

Represent yourself with HONOUR and do not let yourself be defined by anything other than what YOU determine you are! Don’t give them the POWER that only you by rights should own. Take BACK what is yours and stand proudly, UNWAVERING in the face of adversity. Have the CONFIDENCE to stay TRUE to YOU and find RESPECT in having the COURAGE to stand alone, even if it means walking apart from the rest of the world and forging your OWN path.

© Rosie Chee