July 15, 2017


There are infinite possibilities inside you, endless potential that even you might not be aware of. You are an incredible masterpiece, with your own melody and vibrations, a composition no one can ever successfully imitate or copy. There is greatness within and surrounding you and you just need to let yourself BE and LIVE it, no matter the present, because the present is in a constant state of flux and you with it. When you just do YOU and focus on doing what you do best, knowing or not the next step of the journey, your action in faith is the catalyst that sets in motion the process that will bring you to the intended vision. You are part of a vision, an irreplaceable part, one that may not always be seen or recognized, which is ok, because you dance to your own tune and have a rhythm unlike any other, and it is only BECAUSE of your confidence in such knowledge that enables you to be. Believe in the process, trust in the vision, and continue to do what you feel in your soul and know in your heart to be your truth, for everything matters, action and reaction.

© Rosie Chee