July 10, 2017



No one is perfect. In fact, it is our IMPERFECTIONS that make us WHO we are, that make us BEAUTIFUL, that make us stand OUT. Besides, who wants to be perfect? If you’re perfect you never change, you never grow, and you never become better. And life is all about change, growth, and building on what is already there, layer upon layer, creating the complex and beautiful being that we are and were intended to be. Beauty is not in perfection; it is in IMperfection.

We all see the world differently. Therefore we each define the world and the way we experience it differently to everyone else. The world cannot be put into a small, square box, like some would will it, neat and clean and tidy and specifically labelled as something. Our DIFFERENCES make us unique. What some call “madness” others call “genius” and just because others have a certain perspective of you does not mean it is truth. All genius is discovered and created from what is always seen as “madness”.

Life is meant for LIVING. Dancing and laughing in the rain just because you can. Loving when all seems impossible, because the greatest happiness comes from dreaming and following our hearts. Taking the odds because you’d rather risk than play it safe. Standing OUTside the circle of others, because carving your own path is better than blending in and losing yourself.

Life is for making an IMPRESSION. On ALL whose paths you cross. And there is no greater impression left than that of one who KNOWS who they are, completely confident in it, striding through life with passion and purpose, imperfectly beautiful, the sparkle of mad genius like a halo around them, so wonderfully and unexpectedly different from the rest of the world that they are never forgotten, leaving a small part of themselves in the soul of all their lives touch.

© Rosie Chee