April 7, 2017



All of us are born a masterpiece and yet we are all “ordinary”. When we open our eyes for the first time, we might have an amazing destiny “planned” for us, but we have yet to step into that destiny, for it is determined based on the choices we make throughout our lifetime. Prince or pauper, when we come into this life we are the SAME. We are helpless and weak, reliant on others to “guide” us on our life’s journey.

As we get older this CHANGES. We can either choose to STAY as we are, or we can rise above what happens to us, for circumstances are not always easy and this world is cruel, determined to take each one of us and wear us down until we are nothing but dust. Those who REFUSE to let themselves be overcome by the “plague” of the world and fight back, digging in their heels and pushing back against the forces of “darkness” coming at them, taking a stand, are those who “transform” from “ordinary” into “EXTRAordinary”.

You become “extraordinary” by taking CONTROL of your fate, by determining your destiny YOURSELF, instead of letting the world “dictate” what and who you should be. The world is going to do all it can to “test” you, to put you in the most destructive circumstances, to see if it can break you and leave you bleeding on the cold, stone pavement for all to trample over as they pass. The “ordinary” who look inside themselves and find something GREATER than where they find themselves become something else altogether as they “transcend” their circumstances.

All of us are born “ordinary”, with the POTENTIAL to become “extraordinary”, a “masterpiece” on the walls of time, for others to look up to as an example of how life should be lived, how hardship can be conquered and that what happens to us does not determine our destiny. Hardships, the burdens the world tries to sink us beneath, are all there to see WHO will rise above it and become those “extraordinary” leaders that others emulate and follow.

So no matter where you find yourself, no matter what your past has been like, no matter what you have seen and done, know that you can CHOOSE to use it all to make you into a “higher’ being, a better version of you as strength is sought and found, willpower is caught and caged, determination and passion are unleashed alongside each other in your “fight” against the world, in your “battle” for life.

All of us are ordinary masterpieces. Some of us stay as we are and some of us “evolve” into something else altogether. What do you WANT to be? What will you CHOOSE to be?

© Rosie Chee