February 14, 2016



Your soul longs to SHARE the world with someone, whether you are conscious of it or not. It longs to experience the wonders and delights of being ALIVE with a soul that desires similar – if not the same – to its own. It longs to walk up the mountain of life with their twin soul, a COMPANION, knowing it is not alone in the vastness of the universe. It longs for someone – or something – that will ACTIVATE the passion inside it and bring OUT the sparkle, make its light shine BRIGHTER, increasing the depth and breadth of it, filling it to OVERFLOWING so that it can share that passion and light with others.

Your soul longs to SHARE adventures with someone. It longs to laugh and love as it lives WITH a soul that makes it smile – sometimes for simply no reason other than it is there – and remember how GOOD life is. It longs to bring JOY to the life of their twin soul, HAPPINESS so complete that both souls might wonder how they had been alive all the time without the other. It longs for someone – the right one – that they can help GROW, a MUTUAL respect and understanding, sharing the same dream and vision, moving TOGETHER towards a future that holds more than they could possibly imagine.

Your soul LONGS to share itself with another. A soul that ACCEPTS it where it is at now, non-judgemental about its past, hopeful about its future, and WITH it in the present, realizing just what it has been through, understanding where it wants to be, and how it is a BLESSING now. When your soul discovers that other soul, it understands in its depth that everything is RECIPROCAL and strives to bring out the BETTER part of its twin, giving what it can with love and desire, accepting with a smile the gestures of comfort and care, knowing that God always gives gifts with a purpose, and that it is where it is right now because it is MEANT to be.

© Rosie Chee