January 30, 2016



You may have had some AMAZING days in the past – days that will always be memories that you look back on with a smile in your soul. You may have had some UNFORGETTABLE days in the past – days that will forever be imprinted so deep on your heart that you will remember even at the most random of times. You may have had some BEAUTIFUL days in your past – days that made you feel so full of love and hope and joy that when you reminisce you can almost taste those feelings all over again.

But . . . The BEST days of your life are yet to COME!

There WILL be MORE amazing and unforgettable and beautiful days in your life . . . In your FUTURE. Those days are going to be even MORE wonderful than the ones you have ALREADY had. Not because they have yet to be, but because they hold PROMISE of the future, of what that future IS and will be. They give you something to look FORWARD to, even as you live in the NOW and allow yourself to be fully present in the experience of TODAY.


© Rosie Chee