June 1, 2015



There is a reason and season for EVERYTHING and everything has its time. My time is NOW!

I am blessed. Every day I must do what I can towards my goals and dreams, for they require work and sacrifice alongside belief and faith. Affirmations require ACTION; dreams require DISCIPLINE. There is always passion in purpose. “Luck” is “effort” and “success” is what you put INTO life and life is for LIVING. Enjoy and love what you do as you do it, because you CAN, even as you live with discipline. Consistency, persistency, perpetually, creates reality and “dreams come true”. The “Universe” conspires “with” you to make it happen, but you must work WITH it.

Rejuvenation and healing – that is June. Greeting life with open arms: Mind, heart, and soul. Encompassing everything as a whole, for that is how it must be. The “only” way it “should” be. NO limitations and none placed on self, open to every possibility, considering every option, knowing endless opportunity exists. Risk to reach out and take it, understanding that sometimes it is there and sometimes you have to “create” it.

Do YOU. Believe in yourself and your Magnificence of Divine Being. You are a Child of God. Let your light shine. See your light. BE the light. Let the world see Him “in” you as you “live out” your soul. You were created for a purpose, with a purpose, ON purpose.

You have a purpose and you are special, precious, unique. You are you and you are loved. Embrace this knowledge. Know it, see it, feel it. Let it “soak” your mind, as much knowledge as it is “heart”, for together there is great power, for there is power in UNITY, greatness achieved through all things “complete”, and you ARE “complete”. Understand it. Accept it.

I accept you. I approve of you. I forgive you. I love you. And that –THIS – will make all the difference!

© 2015 Rosie Chee