April 10, 2015



Be FEARLESS in going after what you want. In doing what you know you must. For it is often in the ACTION that your “breakthrough” is unleashed. It is in the doing, sometimes on nothing but faith, that the “next step” of your journey becomes clear.

Look life straight on. Let it know you’re ready. Let it see the passion. Let it feel the CHANGE. For there IS a change and it has been happening withIN. The internal “transformation” is about to become EXTERNAL.

There is a beast inside that the world has not yet seen. They’ve seen different “versions” of metamorphosed creatures as you’ve evolved through life and times, but this is something “new”, because there is NO fear in this being. Faith and action, each propelling the other FORWARD, is the momentum driving, the force behind the “glow”.

Everything past has truly PASSED. There is nothing more that can “shake” the roots and cause the tree to tremble, and only the power of One will cause the beast to “shiver”. Yet not from fear, but anticipation of the journey that lies ahead and knowing Who walks alongside it.

© 2015 Rosie Chee