January 22, 2015



The best things in the world truly cannot be rushed. Sure, time is important, and once passed, you can never reclaim it, but sometimes there is beauty and purpose in sitting back and letting things unfold as they will. For in the waiting, that which unfolds will be far greater and more beautiful than that which was rushed or forced or even “created”; just as a blossom blooms at just the right moment, to become that which was always meant to be for the time it exists.

You know where you are. You see glimpses of what could be ahead. Even though you know your soul, dreams and heart, not everything is predictable, nor what we experience that we always wanted or expect, so give yourself permission to be at peace as you work towards what you can for your dreams, and let whatever else may be arrive when it will and surprise you.

© 2015 Rosie Chee