January 27, 2015



NOT taking the risk is a risk in itself - the one of forever regret and wondering "what if?", the "could have" beens and the possibility of missing out on something amazing beyond your wildest imaginings. TAKING the risk has its own dangers - chance of rejection, disappointment and failure, with the possibility of utter destruction from allowing vulnerability in opening your heart and putting yourself on the line. And while NOT taking the risk might give you a false sense of "safety", the courage from TAKING the risk creates the most growth in a soul, causes evolution and forward momentum regardless of the immediate outcome, for whatever happens can only make one dig deeper and ask more of themselves, so that they become better than they ever were. Taking the risk might seem daunting and risk losing everything for something that might only be a "dream", but truly NOT taking the risk means risking losing everything for nothing, for when you TAKE the risk, the greatest "rewards" are in the JOURNEY, a "transformation" and evolution of soul that is truly priceless.

© 2015 Rosie Chee