January 26, 2015



It’s not the falling that makes or breaks you. It’s what you do AFTER you fall. Whether you stay down or choose to stand back UP. Staying down is easy, although sometimes not as “easy” as it might seem. Standing back up is never easy, but the struggle is worth it to get back to your feet and put yourself back in the “fight”.

What you do after a crippling blow shows what you are made of. It can reveal character and the truth of who you are. It can create determination to never again allow such a blow and instigate a fire of change that sweeps through a soul and inspires them to a “higher” level. It’s the “aftermath” that matters the most, for the consequences of the choices made on that mat echo long after you have left it.

What are YOU made of? What do you want to BECOME? What do you want to be REMEMBERED for? What do you want your life to INSPIRE? The world watches every day; it sees the battles you fight, the wars won or lost, and it takes note of the warrior’s code and choices “responsible” for them, the example lived and the “legacy” being left. Make sure YOURS is a WORTHY one.

© 2015 Rosie Chee