December 21, 2014



Believe in YOURSELF. Believe that you CAN. Believe that the world is YOUR playground to run and laugh and grow in. We all make mistakes, but we all LEARN as well. Believe that EVERY experience is to teach you something, intentional or not. Believe that EVERY individual is a blessing who adds something to your life experience that no one else in the world ever can or will. Believe the BEST even in the worst, when the world seems bleak and dark. Believe in the LIGHT that rises in the new dawn, flickers in the dark of night, in your heart deep down, no matter how hidden it might be. Believe in your DREAMS and what you want to come true. Believe that they WILL. Believe in YOU. Believe in YOURSELF, that you CAN and WILL, and then go out and DO, for belief is a POWERFUL “magic” that helps dreams come true.

© Rosie Chee