December 21, 2014

Lipo-Morph Week 6


Monday - 2 caps post-meal @ 1455 and 2 caps post-meal @ 1906
Tuesday - 2 caps post-meal @ 1520 and 2 caps post-meal at 2257
Wednesday - 2 caps post-meal @ 1411 and 2 caps post-meal @ 2100
Thursday - 2 caps post-meal @ 1427
Friday - N/A
Saturday - N/A
Sunday - N/A

Used the last of the second bottle of Lipo-Morph on Thursday.

Body Statistics

Today: 9.5% bodyfat at 120.2 pounds

Girths remained unchanged for the most part.


Monday – HIIT Run + Full-Body
Tuesday – 20-min Run
Wednesday - HIIT Run + Shoulders/Arms/Abs
Thursday – 20-min Run + Full-Body
Friday - HIIT Run + Arms/Abs
Saturday - 20-min Run + Full-Body
Sunday – 20-min Run

Even though felt bone dead on Saturday, still forced myself to go to the gym, but energy was so not there that ended up stopping after the first round (~20 minutes) of the circuit I was doing.


Nutrition this week has probably been the worst of any whilst using Lipo-Morph - had a LOT of carbohydrates (more than my usual "I need 400 grams") AND sodium, a combination for water retention (as seen by the gain in body mass). Have been eating a lot more again at night too, especially sugar, to help "coma" me to sleep (since I have barely been able to sleep this last week, despite being dead on my feet). The sugar has not been good for the following day re energy no doubt, but I've been non-stop-go all week and the "fix" has been worth the crash when needed (kind of). Nutrition will be back to being good next week - at least IN Lean Gains fast/window, as works best for my body.