November 6, 2014



Life is funny with the people it brings across our path. It brings the people you need into your life at the time that you need them; whether it be for a lesson or to help with something going on in your life, and even if that timing is all wrong for anything else right then.

A reason, a season, or a lifetime; that’s what people are. So many reasons and seasons, and so very few lifetimes, the lifetimes that are, so very precious.

It's strange to realize that what you thought was a “lifetime” was only a season or a reason; or that a “reason” or “season” could actually become a lifetime. How life turns things upside down, back to front, and inside out; just when you thought you had figured things out, one moment can change everything, your life never the same.

Cherish what you have when you have it, for you never know when it may be gone from you. Take pleasure in the moment, enjoy the time spent together, learn your lessons, and value the hand outstretched unconditionally in friendship, for you never know when that one person could touch you in ways you never imagined.

Life is unexpected, so be prepared for anything.

© Rosie Chee